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Welcome to PastorWell!

Below are resources to help PastorWell group administrators introduce, rollout, and manage membership for your group.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

PastorWell Launch Process

Step 1
Purchase PastorWell for your pastors.

Step 2
Provide your member’s information to Full Strength Network.

Step 3
Notify your pastors that you’ve purchased PastorWell membership services for them.

Step 4
Full Strength Network will individually send each user their username and password to log in to the PastorWell website.

Step 5
Continue to remind pastors about their membership services by highlighting PastorWell in your normal communications.

Full Strength Network will send an onboarding email sequence to introduce members to each service. Additionally, Full Strength Network will highlight services in the monthly PastorWell newsletter.

After Signup 
Provide feedback to Full Strength Network about how we can improve PastorWell.

Group Administrator Launch Checklist

Download our checklist to help you successfully launch PastorWell for your group.



Media & Promotional Resources

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Download a brochure to send to your members or contact us and we’ll print a limited supply for you.


Welcome Email

Once you sign up your group for PastorWell, we’ll send them a welcome email with their login credentials and vital information about accessing the services available to them. We wanted to give you, the group administrator, the ability to view this letter so you’re “in the know” about the communication they’ll receive.

Dear [Member First Name], 

We’re excited to share with you that [Denom/Group/Association Name] is providing you a complimentary membership for you and your family to PastorWell. 

PastorWell is a program designed to help pastors and their families get and remain healthy. It’s produced by Full Strength Network, a nonprofit dedicated to helping pastors monitor their wellbeing and connect to strengthening resources.

The PastorWell program is designed to be an affordable annual membership program that provides access to critical maintenance of wellbeing services that are often needed by pastors to help them avoid vocational burnout and to draw wisdom from peers in resolving or overcoming stressful challenges that are common to the ministry profession. The program is designed to provide strengthening services in six areas of wellbeing that include the spiritual, emotional, relational, physical, intellectual, and financial domains of wellbeing. 

All you have to do is claim your subscription (by logging in to the PastorWell portal) and begin using the services. We’ve taken the liberty to create your login credentials: 


Username: [member username]
Password: [member password]

As you will see once you log in, you have access to nine wellbeing services. Your subscription is valid for one year from the date the program was purchased for you. 

Services include: 

  • Coaching or Counselor Support
  • A copy of Denny Howard’s At Full Strength Book
  • Monthly PastorWellWellbeing Email Newsletter 
  • Financial Resources Referral
  • Wisdom Consults
  • A Peer Huddle
  • Respite Referral
  • Personality Assessment

For more details about the services above, visit 

We hope you enjoy your PastorWell subscription! If you have any questions or need help with getting started, please email us at

Your Friends at Full Strength Network 



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